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You need a Video Surveillance Camera System for your business or residence, we have several choices of equipment. Whether video surveillance cameras, recorders power supply or other CCTV accessories, we have them in stock. Welcome to installers and resellers, we have a range of products at very competitive price. The shipping is free for certain products and delivery in the greater Montreal area is possible. For information or an appointment, call us at (514) 862 -9781 or 1877-705-7070,

Dahua Kit4

Original Dahua kit XVR 4ch + 4 dome cameras + 1 Tera hard drive. XVR model Dahua XVR1A04, Dome: HAC-HDBW1200EP

Dahua kit8

Original Dahua kit XVR 8ch +8 domes cameras + 1 Tera hard drive. XVR model Dahua XVR1A08, Dome: HAC-HDBW1200EP​

4domes + Dahua4ch + 1tera

Kit de 4 caméras Dahua OEM + Dahua XVR original XVR4104HS-X + 1 disque dur Tera, lentilles fixes dômes 2,8 / 3,6 IR

6 Domes +Dahua 8ch XVR and 1tera HD

6 Domes Dahua OEM kit + XVR Dahua original XVR1A08 + Hard drive 1 tera. Dome IR 2.8 OR 3.6 lens available